Captures attention

Our product high quality playback will directly impact the level of attention that viewers will give to your signage content

Efficient distribution and scalability

With Our digital signage systems you have the ability to easily and effectively transfer content to displays and scale the system up seamlessly

Grow Your Business

Digital Signage is a vital way to grow your business. Even if you have an established business, business signage and especially digital signage is an asset for growth

Establish your brand identity

Your business will continue to grow when digital signage displays content that keep clients up-to-date on sales, promotions, upcoming events, special hours, and even social media feeds; customers feel more connected when they are in the loop. And a connected customer is one step away from a loyal customer!

Our Products

We have a variety of Products to fit you Digital Signage Solution needs, whether small or corporate.

All In One Wall Mounted

All in one PC

HD 1080P Player

USB/SD Card Hd Player

All in one content player

Player Software already pre installed

Digital lcd photo frame player

17-22 inch

Fabric IPad stand

Promo fabric Stand

LED Backlit Snap frame

About Aviva Networks

Your Digital Signage Solution Provider

Our identity

As a Digital Signage hardware solution provider we are able to assist our clients in selecting what work best for their business environment.

We are here to support you in all your big ideas and provide the right Signage platform to get you the leading edge on promoting you.

  • Capture attention
  • Brand identity
  • Encourages impulse buying
  • Dynamic content

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